I packed my bags for two days and when on up to the big city for Spree Conf Washington DC. I am getting ready to build a big ecommerce site called tastebystate.com and Spree is the front running framework. I had the pleasure of working with rails a couple of years ago and I am ecstatic that this project’s use cases align perfectly with Spree. Having worked and lived in the Washington Metro area for about 6 years in the beginning of my career, I am intimately familiar with the eco-system there. Between you and me :) I don’t miss living there one bit, but it sure was fun to visit. I had been looking forward to the conference almost like a vacation. It is always so reinvigorating to be in an environment with a bunch of people who are all passionate about sharing their ideas. My only regret was that I didn’t have much to share yet (anxiously waiting for the next SpreeConf after tastebystate.com is up and running). I have been to similar conferences before in DC, like DrupalCon, but this one was smaller and definitely had more of an intimate feel to it. Aside from the wireless network failure (pretty big ball to drop), everything ran pretty smoothly. Separated from the distractions of wireless internet access, I was forced to fully immerse myself in the perspective of the speakers. While I truthfully enjoyed all of the speakers, I especially enjoyed the following:

  1. Fun with Shipments – good insite on split shipping
  2. Perfecting Your E-commerce Frontend
  3. Large Scale Migration to Spree: A Case Study

There was also a session on Introducing the Spree Integrator. Still not quite sure what to think about this since it seems to be more of a way to make some money on Spree based stores. I am still intrigued because it is a smart idea, and one that fits quite nicely into another blog article that I am writing “to code or not to code”. Basically, the integrator is usually the type of code that I find myself writing in order to route data to various end points. The verdict is still out on whether it makes sense to pay for this service or write your own integrator. I just wish the project was open source so that we could all learn from contributing to it :(

Lightning Talks were awesome!

Enjoyed hearing Adil Wali, but was disappointed that he changed the content of his talk from “Scaling an E-Commerce Business” to more of a high level look at the state of ecommerce today. I did walk away inspired from his talk and his plea to “Be Disruptive!” is still echoing between my ears.