Pelagic Software’s Approach

When you boil it all down, we are problem solvers. We thrive on finding the right solution for your technical challenges. We have worked with many different technologies and have a trained eye and ear that enables us to break down our client’s requirements into implementable components. We follow an agile development process which enables us to iteratively deliver results to our clients. Rome was not built in a day, but important parts of Rome certainly were!
We love using open source software solutions. Better yet, we love customizing them and integrating them to produce flexible solutions. We that a well architected application that is easily maintained is like a beautiful piece of art.

Responsive Design

Because of the increasing saturation of mobile users, we use designs that look good on all devices. Responsive Design allows us to give our clients the most bang for their buck. See Our Work

Mobile Applications

You just can’t afford to ignore mobile anymore. If a responsive design is not enough to meet your requirements, we can develop a native app on either the iOS or android platform.See Our Work


If you want to build an online store, Pelagic Software knows exactly what you are going to need to do. Let us help you build it so that you can concentrate on selling.See Our Work


If you are looking for an easy way to manage your online content, you probably need a content management system. Let us show you how to take back control of your content.See Our Work

Pelagic Software’s Additional Services

It is hard to generalize all of the solutions that Pelagic Software can help you with. Here are some additional solutions that we have been successful in delivering in the past. If you are looking for something that you don’t see here, please contact us…..we would love to brainstorm with you.

Your data is probably the most important thing that you have and it will outlast the various systems that you will use. When it is time to upgrade your application, you will need to reliably migrate your data into the new system. We treat data migration with the respect that it deserves. Our process is automated so that we can repetitively test the results and confirm with you that it is being done correctly. This iterative process allows us to methodically narrow in on a thorough migration of your data.

It is always important to have a plan. Pelagic Software puts great value in developing a sound system architecture for our clients. Your architecture is directly related to how easy it is for you to adapt and stay up to date with new technology. So often, poor decisions in this area shackle businesses to components that are hard to replace and inevitably become bottlenecks. We have experience developing agile system architectures that scale well as you grow.
At the end of development, most people think that you are finished. We believe this is only the beginning. You don’t want to spend important resources developing an application without a solid plan for hosting and maintenance. Just like a car, your application is going to need tune ups and Pelagic Software builds systems with this in mind. We follow best practices that allow us to take good care of your application. Contact us to find out more about our hosting capabilities. We love hosting the following:

  • PHP -especially WordPress and Drupal
  • Ruby – especially Ruby on Rails
  • Java – especially Spring and Grails
While there are “stand alone” applications, most applications benefit from the ability to integrate with another system. Whether it is consuming a web service or using a library that implements an API (Application Programming Interface), Pelagic Software has the experience and technical skills to choose the best approach for integration points to/from your system. We can provide valuable insight into services of which you may not be aware. When you choose to integrate with another system, it is kind of like making an investment. You want to choose wisely and make sure you do it correctly.
Social Media is all the craze these days, but few use it purposefully. In order to fully benefit from the use of Social Media, you really need to develop an overall plan and execute it systematically. Just like everything at Pelagic Software, we break this overall plan down into iterations that we call social media campaigns. The campaign has measurable goals and includes strategies to maximize effectiveness with the use of multi-media and productivity tools. Not all social media outlets are appropriate, so contact us to find out more how using the following could help your bottom line.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
So how do you improve your ranking in search results. Search Engine Optimization is the general term to define improvements in this area. It rolls off of the tongue so easily, but what does it really mean? At Pelagic Software, we believe it is a constantly changing approach to better align your website with the search engines so that they may better understand your content and trust your web property to be a definitive source of information. We don’t try to trick the search engines. Instead, we follow their guidelines to a tee.

  • Speed
  • Structured Data
  • Outbound/Inbound Links
  • Advertising – Google Adwords, etc

Why Choose Us

What Client’s Say

Pelagic Software worked diligently with us to transform our desired site content and design parameters into a highly functional website that has helped us tremendously in marketing our service business and managing client relationships. Throughout our collaborative site development meetings, Pelagic Software was able to take our ideas, providing meaningful feedback, and upgrade our web presence in a way that effectively differentiates our firm in the marketplace. We are extremely pleased with the end result.
Charlie Atwill, Atwill Financial Consulting Group, LLC
Pelagic Software provided the technical expertise and thoughtful design input I needed to create a customizable and scalable site with the clean, efficient presentation my start-up service business required. Through its ongoing support, Pelagic Software remains a valuable resource for implementing the online aspects of my overall marketing plan as technology and business conditions evolve. I highly recommend Pelagic Software’s services.
Justin Harris, Blue Ridge Wealth Management