Project Description

Atwill Financial Consulting Group (AFCG) started out making their website with one of the various online services that allow you to get a site up and running fast. These services allow you to get started quickly, but as your company grows so does your need to update your website. At the end of the day, it is all about making sure your site has relevant content and that it is kept up to date. Content is king! A Content Management Systems (CMS) is a perfect solution for requirements like this. A CMS will allow the users to manage their content directly on the site without involving a technical resource. After demonstrating to Charlie how to add and modify the content on their new site, they are now able to login and incrementally add value to their site. They no longer have to weigh the costs of calling a programmer to make changes.

One of the main recurring tasks that AFCG faced was the distribution of their quarterly newsletter. They were manually managing the list of recipients as well as the composition of quarterly email. By integrating their site with MailChimp, Pelagic Software was able to allow anyone to subscribe to the newsletter. After working with Charlie to setup templates in MailChimp for the quarterly newsletter email, it now takes a matter of seconds to send out the newsletter. In addition, they can easily post the newsletter to their website with ease by utilizing the administrative features of their content management system.

There is no silver bullet for optimizing your site for search engines. Instead it is an ongoing effort. By using an analytical tool like Google Analytics, you can hone your site into well oiled machine. Pelagic Software configured the AFCG website to track all traffic and allow Charlie to analyze how users are using their site. They were then empowered to use the administrative features of the content management system to make sure that the proper keywords and other relevant meta data was correctly utilized.