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Essex From Above – Drone Aerial Video

When most people hear the word “drone”, I think they conjure up images of scary flying machines strapped with missiles and bombs wreaking havoc in foreign lands. I immediately think about the amazing aerial videos that I have been able to get with my quadcopter. A quadcopter is a type of drone, but it is more or less a remote control helicopter with four rotors. It is surprisingly easy to fly thanks to the GPS integrated navigation system. Combine its stability with a small camera like a GoPro, and you have a powerful tool capable of producing Hollywood quality […]

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    To code or not to code – Harnessing the power of open source

To code or not to code – Harnessing the power of open source

To code or not to code, that is the question. The more experience I get, the less code I try to write. Seems weird right? Not that writing code is bad, it just doesn’t make sense to solve problems that have already been solved. I find it much more rewarding for my clients to integrate open source solutions into the technical fabric of their architecture. That way, they piggy back on the countless hours of effort open source developers have devoted, and I can concentrate on seamlessly gluing together the integration points in a way that still leaves flexibility if/when […]

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History Repeating Itself with Responsive Web Design

When I was a little kid, I remember how perplexing it was when I was told that “history always repeats itself”. I often wondered why people don’t learn from their mistakes, but now that I am a little older it makes a lot more sense. I think that there are just repeating patterns that surface as new “things” are introduced into cultures. It is not necessarily always a “mistake”, but a naturally occurring iteration of growth. The same principles get applied to technological improvements that ultimately make them smarter, faster, smaller, etc.

So this brings me to a simple observation […]

Spree Conf Washington DC

I packed my bags for two days and when on up to the big city for Spree Conf Washington DC. I am getting ready to build a big ecommerce site called and Spree is the front running framework. I had the pleasure of working with rails a couple of years ago and I am ecstatic that this project’s use cases align perfectly with Spree. Having worked and lived in the Washington Metro area for about 6 years in the beginning of my career, I am intimately familiar with the eco-system there. Between you and […]